Goes to Show it Pays to Do it Right the First Time

When we redid our floor, we went with somebody cheaper. One year later, we’ve called DrainWorks because of septic odours. Armando Gatti, the technician, after scoping the lines, noted that the p-trap was too close to the main line (within 2 feet of it) and backwash might be the problem. The weeping tile drained into the p-trap and might have caught some backup water as well. He had a separate clean-out for the tile installed. He also cleaned things up: he had the furnace drain house sunk under the floor instead of on it, had clean-outs level with the floor and not sticking out, and he had the washing machine drain properly. Before, it was draining into the p-trap. The service was prompt as well: we needed it down fast, and they came within a couple of days.

Customer Review by Jack Bruce in Scarborough

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