Excavation / Pipe Replacement

After examining the problem using drain camera inspection and trying to clear the drain with drain snake, the last step for a permanent solution to your drain problem could be a complete drain pipe replacement through excavation.

Replaced Drain Pipes from house to city line:

“Drain Works arrived as promised, investigated, went to work on digging and replacing old drains in Dec. A secondary problem was found and they called explained the pros and cons and we decided to have balance of drains replaced. The supervisor went out of his way to come to my work so I could sign papers rather than me coming home – saved me a lot of time!”
Helen in Scarborough

Because we treat everyone’s home with the same respect we show our own, our excavations are surgical in nature and very unobtrusive.

That said, excavation isn’t for everyone, which is why we offer “No-Dig” technology as well as Hydro-Jetting.