Tree Roots Removal from Drains

Most people dream of living on a tree lined street in a well-developed neighbourhood; of course, most people don’t know the havoc that tree roots can wreak on their underground sanitary drain line. Tree roots can infiltrate the drain line, making it completely impenetrable for sewage and water to pass through into the City sewer system. As much as no one ever wants this to happen to them, rest assured, with DrainWorks, you’ve come to the right place.

Our team of highly trained, certified commission free drain technicians will work with you to address you underground drain issues caused by tree roots(or other things). They will go over each step of the process with you and keep you informed of the removal of these tree roots.

Whether you’re looking for a permanent, lifetime solution to tree roots in your home, or a temporary solution, you’ve come to the right place. Come experience the BIG DrainWorks difference.

All employees were very knowledgeable and professional. When looking at our drain problem they were very thorough and provided a detailed quote. All employees answered any questions either on site or by phone. Day of the job, came right on time explained again what was going to be done. Protected areas from dust and floors. Kept area as neat and clean as possible. After the job, they were available for questions and advice. Strongly recommend DrainWorks.”
Peter in Scarborough
DrainWorks provided a full camera inspection of pipes. They digged 5 feet to replace underground clay pipe/drain with plastic. A tree root was found in pipe (I saw it and took a picture.) They were here from 8am-3pm. They provided a topsoil finish and made sure the plants were replanted. They protected the work area with tarps and kept the area clean. I was impressed with the work done and would highly recommend DrainWorks to others facing similar problems. They created 2 clean outs if any future work is considered. They provided a lifetime guarantee for workmanship of new pipe work. Great job!! – Anna in Scarborough”
Peter in Scarborough