13-time Consumer’s Choice Award for Drain Excellence in Toronto

13 Years and Still Going Strong…

13 years is a long time, and to maintain something, anything for that long is even harder. It requires a constant commitment and belief. It requires an unwavering purpose in what we do. It requires PASSION. All of these things, in tandem with the excellent people that work under the DrainWorks banner, that believe in our mantra, and believe in doing things the right way, the first time, are to be thanked as they played an essential, invaluable part in all of this.

So here’s a tip of the hat, a pat on our own back, if you will, for showing people the BIG DrainWorks difference for 13 years and counting…

If you’ve seen or heard our ads, you know we tend to make a big deal out of things like being on time, being clean and the importance of being a salary based rather than a commission based company. Our story is simple: be accountable, be better than the competition, and treat the customer with an uncommon level of respect.

Occasionally we hear that we look pretty polished for a plumbing and drains company. The truth is that’s intentional. I’m Terry Cord, the owner and founder of DrainWorks®, and I made a commitment a long time ago that my company would run with a level of professionalism and accountability that most people don’t believe exists anymore, especially when it comes to trades. I chose this approach because it accurately reflects who we are and what I believe in.

At DrainWorks®, plumbing and drains are our passion, and it shows in every aspect of our business. To start with, we show up on time as promised because we know everyone is tired of having his or her valuable time wasted.

We are spotless in our work and that means in our equipment, and the way we treat your property. You will never see a dirty or rusty DrainWorks® vehicle anywhere.

Our technicians are skilled, polite, clean and courteous and they go to great lengths to protect your property and to be as non-intrusive as possible.

Most of the plumbing companies in our industry use freelance staff members who are compensated entirely by commission rather than salary. That can be very costly for a customer and in our view, is a very questionable business practice. DrainWorks® has permanent, salary based plumbers rather than Commission-based plumbers. DrainWorks® gives you the peace of mind knowing that the person who did your work is service driven, not sales driven. They will be here and be accountable for the work they perform in the days ahead.

When you see a “too good to be true” plumbing or drains brochure magically appear on your door step moments after a visit from the City, just make sure you know who you are dealing with and how they operate. In other words, protect yourself and your property from fly by night solutions.

There is a good reason that Scarborough and Toronto consumers have voted us Consumer’s Choice Award winner for Drain Service Excellence 13 years straight: It’s because they trust our ethical approach to business.

And to prove to you that it is possible to be both the best and cheapest option, DrainWorks® promises to beat any comparable written competitors drain quote by 10% of the difference. So, you get the best price and the most trusted service from the same company, DrainWorks®.

Just a few more reasons why we believe that DrainWorks® really is the smartest choice.

If you are interested in learning more about the Consumer’s Choice Award please feel free to visit their website or to watch a video explaining how they work and what they stand for.